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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Current box vaporizer owners are eligible for replacement at a deep discount

Vaporbrothers box vaporizers are covered by our limited lifetime warranty regardless of their age or how they were sold or transferred. Vaporbrothers' warranty specifies free repair for manufacturer defect up to 3 years, and a flat rate repair afterward ($45-65). The warranty also allows complete replacement of the vaporizer for approximately 30% off the retail price. This is where you may order that replacement.

This replacement deal is perfect for you if your vaporizer is:

  1. Too smashed up to fix - You may get a repair of your vaporizer including a new outer housing here, but if it is too far gone, a full replacement is in order.
  2. Older than 2004 (serial number under 27441) - Cannot be fixed due to the parts not existing anymore.
  3. Not a Vaporbrothers brand box vaporizer. Bought a look-alike vaporizer thinking it was ours? You're eligible for the replacement deal as if you had purchased ours.

If you just want to repair your current vaporizer, click here for VB1 Vaporizer Repair

Donate your old vaporizer

It's not required, but if you send us the vaporizer you are replacing, we will use its parts or fix it up to give to a veteran or medical patient in need. Box up your vaporizer (body only, no accessories) and send to us at:
Vaporbrothers Repair
15507 S. Normandie Ave #442
Gardena, CA 90247

Important: Save your tracking number for following up on the package. You are responsible for your vaporizer until it is received at our address.

Please note- Discounts may not work on this item.

Alternative to ordering online:

If you prefer not to order your replacement online, send us this pdf printed and filled out. You may mail us the form to the address above, or send it to our email. You may order accessories at discount on the form- a deal only available to customers at the time of warranty service.

Your options for accessories

To keep this page simple, we've limited the choices of whips to Glass/Ceramic Hybrid EZ Whip with White Grip for the Natural Hands Free, and Glass EZ Whip with Black Grip for the Natural Hands Free and OG Standard models.

If you particularly want a different whip, feel free to ask us and we will try to accommodate you without your having to redo the purchase.

See warranty details for all Vaporbrothers Vaporizers, Pens, and VB2 here. Ask us any questions at our contact page!