Why does the heater point upward? (Long story short: it helps the wood box self cool- avoiding a metal housing and/or noisy fan)

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A customer letter we received today:

Vaporizer Improvement: kickstand

Jesse reported 8 hours ago (Sat, 25 Mar at 4:25 AM) via Feedback Widget

Vapor Brothers box vape is tits, but the angle of the glass joint sucks. I always prop it on a grinder, or paperweight of sorts.

I think it would be cool if there was a wooden kickstand on the back to prop it up.

Thanks for making a great product.

Vapor Brothers replied in an hour (Sat, 25 Mar at 1:46 PM)

Ah, the age old question of "why does the heater point upward..."

I can help explain- the only reason we can have a wooden box, and no noisy fan is that the box cools itself by natural convection. Otherwise we'd need more vents, plastics maybe, metal shell, etc. Air rushes out the front where the heater is, pulling cool air into the bottom vents.

The top surface of the wood reaches 210F, which seems like a lot, but is designed all the way through to handle the heat. (high quality glues, not funky chemical stuff, low V.O.C. wood& finish). If you tip the vaporizer down, the temperature of the top will go beyond what we want it to be. We design our vaporizers to be left on indefinitely and never exhaust fumes beyond barely measurable amounts. The vaporizer is still meant to survive any angle though. So not to worry if you use a kickstand. Even if it fell onto the floor, sitting on its front it should not overheat any component to failure. But for long term use, and low/no offgassing, it's meant to sit in the upright position.

Dealing with the angled-up heater means you have to tamp down the herbs pretty well (helps if they're ground up) and maybe inhale slightly while connecting the heater. Any herbs lost are usually very slight.. Since the unit is far more efficient than smoking (or other vaporizers with larger bowls) we don't care if we lose a little.

Silver Surfer took our concept and solved the heater-up problem, but had to build in more expense and new problems, like use of aluminum, more exposed heating element... and not the nice looking/feeling wooden box that we like. So for it to stay how it is, the heater must angle up slightly. Does that help understand the background of our geometry? Btw, long story short, it's fine if you use a kickstand. Won't affect the warranty either.

With warm regards,

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