We found an herb portable we like almost as much as our own vaporizer

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Portable vaporizers that work with herb (flower) are so difficult to get right. The most popular brands that do herb portables have some benefits, but also struggle to give good tasting hits. Batteries die quickly, apps are complicated, vapor paths get clogged, and the herb often ends up being charred.

Since our founding we've been asked to make a portable. Sadly, after inventing the vapor box, we've become married to the incredibly dense and sweet hit that it gives. Portables are more complicated than what we are set up to build ourselves. They have to be made extremely efficient in their energy consumption, since they are limited to the power of a battery. To design an herb portable means taking deep compromises that make the taste more burned and the hit weak. Thankfully another company in our industry has gone through the effort to build a decent portable with minimal drawbacks, and we prefer to feature their vaporizer to you.

SSV Sidekick are moderately priced and come in two versions, V1 and V2. Check out our Sidekick models here. (We recommend the V2 for its simpler large battery)

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