The All-ceramic Hands Free Whip is coming back

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Our ceramic whips allow you to bang them around without the fear of breaking glass parts. 

In the past we had a ceramic version of the hands free tip, but had issues with how it didn't fit tightly on the vaporizer's heater. The way the handpiece should connect is with a perfect match of tapered surfaces, creating an air tight seal. 

Being molded in ceramic, the hands free tips were slightly variable from piece to piece. We had to discontinue it once it became apparent that fixing the variances would take us away from the work we really needed to do at the time.

Lately though, a solution has been worked out through retooling and a precision grinding operation. The newly redesigned parts are being made right now and could be ready within a month. So we're bringing back the All-ceramic Hands Free Whip!

While digging through our archived samples we found a small bag of old ceramic whip tips. They are the type that are variable, so they don't fit so tightly. They are durable and loved by many though. We are putting these samples up in our clearance section until they are gone. Soon to be replaced with the new good ones!

The tips sold alone are available now for half their original price. Pick one up if you like. :)


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