Is the Postal Service slowdown affecting our shipments?

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US Mail has always had some unpredictability, with delays increasing dramatically since March 2020. Still, the majority of packages deliver on time and very few are ever lost. 

This last week brought a new level in widespread delays, but it seems most packages are still getting through, not more than a day or two late.

We have been watching a few shipments that have been stuck in the mail for weeks. Once it's clear a package is taking entirely too long, we often decide to ship a replacement package. If you are not receiving your package on time, talk to us so we can look into it.

With no access to tax dollars or any bailout from the government, the Postal Service is suffering greatly during the crisis. We are not sure how bad it will get in the coming weeks or months. We can't imagine what damage could happen to our economy if US Mail fails, since most business in America rely on package delivery. UPS is no stranger to delay so it's not a guaranteed fallback. Delays affect not only our customers but our suppliers and their suppliers.

Did you know that US Mail has been around since before the country was founded? Check out this explainer video for the history of mail in the USA, with some insights about what new laws have held the post office back from innovating.

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