A Sleeker and Smarter VB Eleven Pen - 2016

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Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Pen just got better

We melded customer feedback with our own wishes and came out with a VB Eleven refresh for 2016. Sleeker and smarter, this update gives you choice of colors, battery charge indication and other benefits.

Here's the rundown on what's changed and what's the same:

  • Sleeker EVOD style battery - Updated from the old battery style (EGO)
  • Every pen still individually charged and tested - We made sure it works
  • Colors available - Starting with blue and taking suggestions for the colors you want to see
  • No more battery cap - The Micro USB plugs in directly
  • Same side hole as before - Providing unrestricted draws
  • Quick-heating hollow ceramic core - Increases performance
  • Smarter battery - Flush mounted button is harder to break and indicates charge state by its color. Power and charging circuits are better.
  • 90Day/1Yr Warranty - 90 Days hassle-free. $14 battery replacement up to 1 year
  • Low price despite better quality- Enjoy a full40% less than our former Dabbler
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