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Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Botanical Vaporizer Kit MFLB
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    The simplest and most trouble free portable herb vaporizer we've ever tried. Durable steel screenNatural materials that don't burn or meltPowerful AA size batteries (NiMH)Easy loading and cleaningPocket friendly - Box is only 2.5 x 1.25 x 0.9 inchesLifetime WarrantyMade in U.S.A.We've been around for a while and have seen a lot of portable vaporizers come and go. Most of them cost a lot, or burn the herbs, or both. Magic Flight is the exception. Moderately priced, it is the most convenient,...

    19MM Female to 14MM Male Adapter
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      Magic Flight's Water Pipe Whip is designed for use with water pipes that have a 14mm bowl opening. However, if the bowl opening of your favorite water pipe's down stem is 18mm, making it too wide for your Water Pipe Whip, we have just the thing. Our 14mm to 18mm Glass Fitter affords you the option of combining your Launch Box, or Muad-Dib, with a Water Pipe Whip and your preferred water pipe for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Simply slide the Glass Fitter into the bowl hole of your...

      Magic Flight Stem
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        Magic Flight Stem, GlassMagic Flight Stem, GlassMagic-Flight's Glass Draw Stem gives you a unique vaping experience in both its polished appearance and its utility. It serves to cool vapor before it is inhaled, and can be cleaned easily with a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol. With this custom-made Glass Draw Stem, you will be able to visibly follow the thermal expansion of vapor as it fills your Launch Box and makes its way toward your lipsMagic Flight Stem, Wood The ultimate draw stem for...