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    A classy hand blown Color Whip for your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer (VB1)

    • Color and shape may vary as these are hand blown
    • Comes with a matching color glass mouthpiece. (replacements here)
    • Heat-treated stainless screen (.75" replacements here)
    • Standard Whips are more affordable and slightly more durable than Hands-Free
    • Pull the Whip away from the vaporizer between hits- The glass stays cool
    • Careful hand-blowing method creates generous glass thickness without feeling heavy
    • Works with all Box Vaporizers (This model does not stay connected to the heater- See Hands-Free Whips)

    Colored Whips come with a matching color glass mouthpiece.

    Compatibility: This is an "OG Standard Whip" aka "Manual Hold-On" with a loose flared connection to your vaporizer. This is not a hands-free / ground glass on glass whip. If the whip that came with your vaporizer had a red "HOT" or "CAUTION" emblem on the tip closest to the heater, your vaporizer is a Hands-Free model and this whip will not connect in the same hands-free way. OG Standard whips require you to hold the whip to the vaporizer while you draw the air. The glass stays cooler and you're more easily able to observe your herbs between hits.

    Cleaning tip - Boiling water: For the brave and conscientious users only! Draw a small pot of boiling water. Leave the whip fully assembled. Dip the bowl end of the whip into boiling water and draw water up into the whip by inhaling through the tube slowly. Don't scald yourself with hot water. The residue should come loose when you forcefully blow the water out of the whip down the drain or back into the cooking pot. Vaporizing residue should not be as stuck to the glass as smoking residue. If there are burned marks, try scraping those with a tool. The cooking pot may become hard to clean with just dish soap, so try this trick: Spray cooking oil all over the pot, let set a few minutes, then wash as normal with dish detergent. 

    Cleaning tip - Alcohol soak: Fill a plastic baggie about 1/4 full of rubbing alcohol and a spoonful of salt. Leave the screen in the whip handpiece. Remove your whip glass parts from the tubing and drop them in the bag. Shake the bag to cover the glass with alcohol and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse under hot water. If needed repeat the process a time or two or leave overnight. Rinsing should remove all of the residue but will leave a film of oil on the outside of the glass. Use a cloth with alcohol to clean the outside of the glass.

    Rescreening: For best performance use only Vaporbrothers .750" replacement screens. Click the diagram to open our rescreening instructions. (Also check this direct video link our most competent whip-screener made us to show his method)

    Whip screening instructions

    • Color Hands Handpiece with .75" heat treated, stainless steel screen
    • Choice of Hose- High Temperature Silicone or Clear Plastic Tubing
    • Matching Colored Glass Mouthpiece