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Instructions for repair:

1. Please note repair is free for VB2 vaporizers under 2 years old. Contact us if your VB2 was purchased less than 2 years from the original sale. Also note that we can send you a replacement heater if you want to fix your VB2 at home. Contact us for instructions.

2. Clean out your VB2 vaporizer thoroughly and pack the base unit alone (not including accessories like the glass Dome) securely into a small box. The box should be at least 8x5x5 inches but not much larger or else your shipping rate could rise.

3. Mail your VB2 vaporizer to us at the address below. We find that US Mail gives the best combination of reliability and cost. Don't overpay for shipping by adding too much heavy packaging! From any US location, shipping should never be over $14.

Vaporbrothers Repair
15507 S. Normandie Ave #442
Gardena, CA 90247

Important: Save your tracking number for following up on the package. You are responsible for your vaporizer until it is received at our address.

What to Expect:

As VB2's are out of production by a few years, we no longer have the facility or staff to fix promptly. We will rehire our electrical engineer and he will fix your vaporizer by hand. Lead time for VB2 repair is up to 4 weeks. Typical repairs involve replacing all worn electronic components including the heater. We thoroughly run test vaporizers so that they are good to last years more.

Alternative to ordering online:

If you prefer not to order repair on the website, you may send your vaporizer to the address above, including your return mailing address and payment info. For payment you may put your paypal address for us to send a request, or leave credit card info, or ask us to call you to run your card over the phone. You may order any VB2 accessories at half off- a deal only available to customers at the time of repair.

See warranty details for all Vaporbrothers Vaporizers, Pens, and VB2 here. Ask us any questions at our contact page!