• Vaporbrothers VB2 Multi Converter - 8870-GRN
  • Vaporbrothers VB2 Multi Converter - 8870-GRN
  • Vaporbrothers VB2 Multi Converter - 8870-GRN
  • Vaporbrothers VB2 Multi Converter - 8870-GRN
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Built by special order only and ships in about 2-6 weeks. Are you an investor or manufacturer? Please contact us if you could help this new type of vaporizer reach it's full potential.

VB2 owners should be aware that this unit requires service from time to time. Repair and electronic upgrades are done by mail-in service, free of charge for 2 years. You may renew your 2Yr Accident Protection any time. (currently priced at $149)

***Intense experience warning*** VB2 is not for everyone. While it brings oils to a wider audience, it requires special care and service. Please be aware that VB2 costs real money (thank you) and may require periodic mail-in repair service. If you are serious about medicating and want an easy way to get superior vapor quality, this is your device.

  • Unassuming design fits into any house or kitchen. Looks like a mini crock pot. Aka "the Honey PotTM" "the Cheesebox"
  • NO hot metal in contact with your extracts. Pure ceramic heater and glass components promote flavor retention.
  • Duplicates and exceeds the experience of a torched nail. Extra heat capability creates an effect that actually lessens your materials exposure to heat. (Leidenfrost effect) High setting suspends your oils a fraction of a millimeter above the heater surface. Avoids the problems with fractional distillation common with "low temp dabbing." Vaporizes 100% of your extracts immediately. Flavorful terpenes and the important medicine are sublimated / evaporated together.
  • 3 temp settings: Low 500F, Medium 650F, High 850F+
  • No worries about getting burned or coughing out your lung. "You can dab with abandon" says industry legend Adam Dunn
  • Naturally vented ceramic housing - completely free of fans or vibration
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects and heater
  • 2Yr Accident Protection and free special services available for an additional $149
  • Several options for connecting to your rig (Requires matching H2O Waterpipe Adapter sold separately)
  • Made by Vaporbrothers in Southern California


After switching on the VB2, its dual ceramic heaters provide extra power to heat up faster. When the green LEDs glow continuously, the unit is ready for vaporizing.


Our long term mission has always included eliminating the exposure to chemical odors. As vaporizers require high internal temperatures to function, every component needs to be designed to handle the temperature it experiences during normal and extreme use. Nearly early every other brand of vaporizer that we've studied has overheated plastic parts- even during normal use. There is no industry standard except our self-imposed commitments. We build VB2 with the same ceramic, glass, and high-temp silicone we've used successfully in the vapor box (VB1). The only plastic you will find on VB2 is in the electronics and polycarbonate base plate.


The VB2 converts any solid or liquid into vapor instantly, regardless of the consistency. If your extracts are pure oil, great. If they contain plant matter, no problem. Once a material is dropped or dabbed onto the heater, it only takes a few seconds for it to convert to vapor.


This VB2 (model VB2.0) can operate at full power for an indefinite time period. However, the housing and silicone grip becomes hot to touch over time, so the VB2 safely shuts down after 20 minutes of use for safety. Simply reset the VB2 by turning the control knob off and on. The time-out can be adjusted to your preference during service. (Free adjustments with Expanded Warranty)


The VB2's ceramic heater vaporizers 100% of the extracts applied to its surface and will return to a white appearance when the unit is left on its high setting. The surrounding areas accumulate over time and can be scraped and restored with strong isopropyl alcohol or 420 related cleaning solutions.

Since VB2 is still new, we need your feedback! As a VB2 buyer we hope you'll stay in touch with our R&D. Please contact us with your questions and suggestions.

  • Vaporbrothers VB2.0 Multi Converter
  • Glass Solo Dome
  • 20 Inch Clear Plastic Hose (medical grade)
  • 20 Inch High Temp Silicone Hose (medical grade)
  • 2 Ceramic Protective Discs
  • Ceramic mouthpiece
  • Silicone storage container
  • Metal Load Tool
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: Ground glass connector to your water pipe sold separately. Please search for the appropriate size of "H2O Waterpipe Adapters."

Check out our ground glass domes, all glass airpath, and inline bubblers to maximize your experience with VB2!!

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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Best Dab Machine Ever!

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  • Amazing Effects
This is by far the most underrated concentrate device EVER! Its amazingly efficient as well as effective! Absolutely no waste!!

Denver, CO

I can dig it!

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The VB2 is out of this world. I've used just about every concentrate vaporizing contraption out there, and this one takes the cake. While the VB2 will thrill recreational consumers, it's true magical power will be harnessed by patients seeking medicinal relief. Good work on this, Vapor Brothers Team. Kudos.