EZ Change Whip® Instructions and Notes for Assembly

*Note: For all things Vaporbrothers, we recommend 91% Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning and assisting assembly.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Insert the glass Whip handle and mouthpiece onto the hose. (moisten the glass with water or isopropyl alcohol to insert)
  2. Push the Whip grip onto the Whip handle.
  3. Drop a screen in the open end of the Whip grip. You have a sample of Ceramic and Stainless Screens that come with your Whip. You can choose either, as each has its benefits, mentioned below.
  4. Insert Whip tip into open end of the Whip grip, holding the screen firmly inside. Push with force to get the glass into the silicone grip, but not so hard as to break it or crack the screen. Using isopropyl alcohol as lubricant makes this very easy. Allow the alcohol to dry completely.

Note: You can play around with this setup. The Whip Grip accepts 0.625” screens of any type or material. (Except never use brass) You may place screens in both end of the Whip Grip if you like. When the ceramic screen is new it tends to pass some herb particles into your mouth, so we place a stainless screen in the downstream side of the grip until the ceramic screen has been used a few times. The screen in the downstream side of the grip will clog quickly, so be sure to clean it often.

Ceramic screens are durable and contribute no taste to the inhalation. Metal screens are finer and catch smaller particles.

To Disassemble:

  1. Disassembly is easy if you “bend” the glass parts out of the Whip grip instead of pull directly.
  2. DO NOT disassemble while glass is hot!


  1. Clean your Whip by soaking the pieces in isopropyl alcohol or boiling water. The Whip Grip should soak first alone to ensure the its slightly porous surface does not pick up the oil from other parts.
  2. Clean the rest of the glass/ceramic parts and screens in the alcohol or water, wiping the surfaces clean with alcohol when finished. Be careful that the glass has cooled down before disassembly. Route the holes with a small paper clip and blow through the back of the Whip grip to dislodge additional material. For a complete cleaning, soak the parts in alcohol, boiling water, or your favorite cleaning solution.


  1. Wait for the glass to cool down before disassembly.
  2. If a glass piece breaks, disassemble very carefully. Do not inhale from chipped or cracked glass.
  3. The pick tool will break the screen if you poke it through the holes. Use a small straightened paper clip or very thin wire instead.

What are the EZ Change Whip parts made of?

Whip Grip: High temperature resistant silicone, medical grade and thoroughly cleaned by boiling in water and baking in an oven. We use the same special material as we do at the base of the vaporizer’s heater.

Clear glass: Pyrex (Borosilicate) glass, same as used in scientific glassware.

Ceramic Screen: Natural ceramic, similar to porcelain, and basically made from sand and water.

Stainless Screen: Stainless steel, cleaned thoroughly in a 1000 degree F oven. Our screens appear dark in color because we have baked away the shiny coating to ensure no taste of metal in your inhalation.