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  • DynaCoil - 9430-PDC-100
  • DynaCoil - 9430-PDC-100
  • SlimStash Padauk - 9430-ADS-003
  • Torch Lighter for Dynavap, Triple Flame - 9475-Honest-3
  • Torch Lighter for Dynavap, Triple Flame - 9475-Honest-3
  • Torch Lighter for Dynavap, Triple Flame - 9475-Honest-3
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    Torch Lighter for Dynavap, Triple Flame $15.99 $14.39

    A great intro model to DynaVap, with battery-free operation!

    • DynaVap's most economical portable herb vaporizer
    • Needs only a torch lighter to operate
    • Silicone handle stays cool

    Ever wanted to avoid dealing with batteries and chargers while hiking or on the go? Days into an experience, batteries run out or get abandoned.

    As long as you have a lighter, gas stove, or even a campfire, you can use DynaVap and get high quality hits. Inhaling from DynaVap is shockingly tasty and sweet, in part due to the strict temperature control built into the device.

    Despite being precise and enjoyable, DynaVap can handle being dropped, drowned, or heated. We've tried other vaporizers that use a flame to work, but this is the only one that doesn't make you inhale any butane exhaust. Heating the DynaVap's metal cap is straightforward and brief. After hearing the click, you put away the flame and inhale fresh air through the device.

    DynaVap's slightly cupped metal cap provides an audible click first when the vaporizer is ready to use, then when it has cooled down and is ready for the next heating.

    DynaVap Accessories
    improve the experience greatly. For use with oils, choose to add the DynaCoil insert.