Two Piece Grinders are simple to use and extremely effective for vaporizing. The coarse grind keeps the plant matter as intact yet provides the airflow plenty of ways to get through. 

Using a grinder to prepare your herbs for vaporizing increases efficiency by [insert a huge percentage here]. 

Obviously, we think highly of these valuable tools!

If you would like the quality at a lower price, the two piece is for you. Our best recommendation: Cosmic "Small" Two Piece Grinder.

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Vaporbrothers 2 pc All-Hardwood 2 Inch Magnetic Grinder
Retail: $38.99
Price: $28.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 8203 -

    This two piece grinder features a strong magnet and wood teeth for those looking for an all-wood option. Features the old school Vaporbrothers circle logo on one side.The grinder's non aggressive cone shaped teeth and square outer shape makes it extremely easy to turn.

    Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder Medium 2 Inch 2 Pc Eco
    Retail: $14.38
    Price: $12.50
    Availability: In Stock
    Santa Cruz Shredder Item #: 9651-Eco -

      An affordable grinder that is NOT PLASTIC!!Enjoy this solid hemp material piece. Made by Santa Cruz Shredder in California, USA

      Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Piece Medium 2 Inch
      Retail: $40.83
      Price: $35.50
      Availability: In Stock
      Santa Cruz Shredder Item #: 9611-2Pc-Med -

        Amazingly easy to turn. Sharp cornered blocks won't cut your hand, but they sure break up the herb without smashing it!Santa Cruz Shredder's unique design shows us that high quality grinders do not need to have sharp knife edged teeth. Those grinders attempt to dice the herb, but end up squeezing it betweent their teeth.Santa Cruz Shredder's innovative design ensures easy cutting and less buildup of residueAll Santa Cruz Shredders are anodized to avoid exposing you to metal dust. Made in...