Grind, store, and load your herbs without touching them!

Load the grinder, close and turn, then open the middle compartment. A good Triple Chamber Grinder is a must for every properly appointed vaporizing setup.

You can vacuum the ground herbs up into the Whip directly from the middle chamber. This is the most convenient loading method we know. 

Never having to touch the ground herbs ensures you won't lose any material to your hands!

If you want the most convenient loading and storage method all in one, triple chamber is for you. Our best recommendation: Cosmic "Small" Triple Chamber Grinder.

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Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Medium 2 Inch, Grey
Retail: $68.95
Price: $59.95
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Santa Cruz Shredder Item #: 9621-3Pc-Med-Grey -

    Amazingly easy to turn. Sharp cornered blocks won't cut your hand, but they sure break up the herb without smashing it!Santa Cruz Shredder's unique design shows us that high quality grinders do not need to have sharp knife edged teeth. Those grinders attempt to dice the herb, but end up squeezing it betweent their teeth.Santa Cruz Shredder's innovative design ensures easy cutting and less buildup of residue3 Piece design contains a storage spot in the bottom, without the complication of having...