Looking for a successor to our VB2 Wax Converter we found a company that is making a powerful portable oil rig. Kanboro has a solid history of building high quality vaporizers for big name brands.

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Kanboro Tech eCube Portable Oil Rig vaporbrothers, kanboro, vapor brothers, portable vaporizer, vaporizer, oil vaporizer, ceramic heating element
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Kanboro Tech

    By far the best portable oil rig we've tested so farKanboro Tech eCube Portable Oil Rig VaporizerMade by a company that is an original in portable oil rigs Heats up fast with a powerful ceramic heater Choice of using a Quartz, Ceramic, or Titanium nail Parts fit together easily - No tight or loose glass or sharp metal edges Luxurious feel - Steel body. Does not have a cheap finish Unassuming bubbler design makes this device more discreet Ceramic heater is easy to replace High drain 2500 mAh...