6 Myths about Vaping (E-cigarettes)

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Contributor: Craig Middleton

Vaping is still a fairly new craze, and with any new craze comes the rampant spread of misinformation. Vaping enthusiasts are aware of its fair share of controversy which is mostly the result of it being declared a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, a claim that has ruffled the feathers of health experts and everyday people alike.

The reality is that most of the negative information that you hear about vaping in the media is simply untrue. As vaping truly is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, it's important to debunk some of the more persistent myths about this incredible technology.

1. Vape Juice Contains Anti-Freeze

While it's true that propylene glycol is used in vape juice and that this ingredient is also used in antifreeze, it most definitely does not mean that antifreeze is an ingredient used in your vape juice. Propylene glycol is a very common ingredient used in everything from paint to whiskey.

2. Vaping Will Give You Popcorn Lung

This is another myth which is rooted in fear instead of fact. There are no records of anyone developing popcorn lung as the result of vaping. Popcorn lung was a phenomenon experienced by popcorn factory workers who were breathing in high amounts of an ingredient called diacetyl, which also can exist in e-liquids. However, not all e-liquids even contain diacetyl, and those that do use it in amounts that are so low that they have no effect on the human body. Do you know what contains significantly higher levels of diacetyl? Cigarettes.

3. Vaping Leads To Cigarette Smoking

Recently, there has been an outcry from parents who are concerned that their children will take up vaping which will eventually lead to cigarette smoking. While it's understandable that parents are concerned about their children's health, the truth is that they have nothing to worry about.

Studies have shown that teenagers who vape are highly unlikely to take up cigarettes in the future. As it turns out, teenagers of today generally look down on cigarette smoking more than they have in decades.

4. Your Portable Vaporizer Can Explode At Any Minute

Thanks to some recent news stories, many people believe that vaporizers are ticking time bombs waiting to explode at any second. This is simply not the case. A portable vaporizer is just as likely to explode as a cell phone or any other battery-operated device.

The people whose vaporizers have exploded were not using these devices safely and properly. They had made modifications to their devices without understanding battery safety.

5. E-liquids Are Dangerous And Unregulated

While it is true that the production of vape products was unregulated a few months ago, very recently the FDA stepped in to change this. As a result, all vape shops and vape product manufacturers are held to the same standards of safety and quality.

However, most vape shops and manufacturers were already doing this. With every industry, there are always a few sketchy manufacturers creating products that are inferior in quality, but the reality is that most vape shops have held themselves to the same high standards since the day they opened. In such a competitive industry, why would a vape shop want to sell poorly-made and potentially dangerous products?

6. Vape Juice Contains Formaldehyde

This is one of the more persistent rumors that many people seem to believe despite the lack of factual evidence. This myth is the result of a study done a couple years ago which was performed incorrectly, resulting in an incorrect conclusion. In the study, formaldehyde was found when e-liquid was inhaled at incredibly high temperatures; temperatures that no vaporizer actually reaches.

Hopefully, by putting these myths to rest once and for all, we can agree that there are numerous benefits to vaping. The spreading of misinformation is unavoidable with any new technological craze, but the truth is that those who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes can find an incredibly safe alternative in vaping.

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