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    We love our Custom Blown Whips!

    • Well formed features feel good in the hand
    • Standard Whips are more affordable and slightly more durable than Hands-Free
    • Pull the Whip away from the vaporizer between hits- The glass stays cool
    • Careful hand-blowing method creates generous glass thickness without feeling heavy
    • Compatible with all Box Vaporizers (This model does not stay connected to the heater- See Hands-Free Whips)

    Note: This is the "Standard" model which you to hold to the Vaporizer instead of leaving it attached. If you want our ground glass connection Whips, please search "Hands-Free"

    Fumed treatment is yellowish with accents of blue when held against a dark background.

    Fritted, Colored and Knobby versions come in your choice of colors. Colors are approximate.

    All Standard Heady Whips come with a Clear Glass Mouthpiece.

    Our "Standard" Whip operates by holding it onto the heat element. Because of the Whip's bell shaped tip, you can rotate the whip around slightly, redirecting air flow by simply tilting your hand. Although this whip is not Hands-Free it can still be used with a Vapor Brothers Hands-Free Vaporizer but it will not attach to the heat element.

    Please note: If your current whip has a red "HOT" or "CAUTION" emblem and attaches to the heating element, your vaporizer is a Hands-Free model. This whip is not meant for use with Hands-Free vaporizers.

    Cleaning tip: Dip the bowl end of the Whip into boiling water and draw the water up into the Whip (carefully) by inhaling through the tube. Don't scald yourself with hot water. Blow the water out of the Whip forcefully. This will clean the screen as well as an alcohol soak. Vaporizing residue is not hard like smoking pipe resin. It melts and can be removed easily with hot water. Clean the pot with cooking oil and detergent. 

    ** Because of their unique nature your whip's color and shapes will vary from the one shown in the image.

    Color Glass Handpiece with Clear Hose and Clear Glass Mouthpiece

    (One .750 Screen installed)