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Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - High Performance vaporbrothers, hydrator, glass
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    The Vapor Brothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator allows you to filter and cool the vapor from your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer by drawing it through water. Convert your existing Vapor Brothers whip to a Vaporbrothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator with the included 14mm Ground Glass Angled Adapter. Customers with sensitive throats and lungs will find this addition to their vaporizer invaluable. Stands approx. 8.75" tall (from bottom to top of the mouthpiece) Both the 14mm...

    Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - Mini vaporbrothers, mini hydrator
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      Fixed downstem and mouthpieceFaux-showerhead with 6-7 fire polished slitsHeavy wall borosilicate glassWell-refined design with 14mm glass dewarNew and improved version of the Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator now features a non-removable showerhead downstem with 6-7 diffusion slits.  The Vaporbrothers Mini Clear Hydrator is compact and effective. Due to our close tolerances and generous amounts of quality control, all air paths are wide open for the most unrestricted airflow possible.  An...

      Long Neck Mouthpiece For Clear Precision Hydrator
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        Replacement mouthpiece for the Vapor Brothers Clear Precision Hydrator. This mouthpiece has a 14mm ground glass connector perfect for use with a Vaporbrothers Precision Hydrator. Made from pyrex-type borosilicate glass. This mouthpiece will not function as a mouthpiece for the vapor whips.[Please note, the Clear Precision Hydrator that this mouthpiece fits is discontinued. This mouthpiece will remain for users who break theirs. Supply is limited]

        Vaporbrothers 18.8mm Showerhead Glass Stem For High Performance Hydrator vaporbrothers, hydrator parts
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          Vaporbrothers developed this unique downstem for use with their High Performance Hydrator. The showerhead design features 7 fire polished slits for the ultimate vapor diffusion through water. Fits into a female 18.8mm joint and features a female 14.4mm joint for connecting to various adapters. Replace the mouthpiece on your vaporizer whip with a male 14.4 ground glass adaptor (sold separately) for a cooling vapor experience. The Vaporbrothers High Performance Hydrator and 14.4mm angled...